Q. Can Debris be over the rim of the dumpster?

A. No, the dumpster cannot be legally transported with material above the top of the rim.

Q. When do I pay for my dumpster?

A. Payment must be made before delivery. However, commercial contractors with approved credit will be allowed payment terms.

Q. How long is the rental period?

A. The rental period is typically for 7 days.

Q. How quickly can I receive my dumpster?

A. If we receive your delivery request before 4 P.M., we will deliver the dumpster the same day.

Q. Are there really no hidden charges?

A. There are NO hidden charges. However, please note that overweight dumpsters, extended rental times, extra trip fees, hazardous materials in the roll-offs, or damage to the container may result in additional cost. Ranger Waste Management representative will explain these details in full either before or at time of delivery.

Q. Will the dumpster damage my driveway?

A. Dumpsters are designed so they don't cause damage to a typical asphalt or concrete driveway, however, we recommend placing plywood beneath the dumpster to help avoid any potential risk. Texas Roll-Offs will not assume any liability for damages incurred by placement of the dumpster on your driveway. For additional information, please contact your Ranger Waste Management representative.

Q. Will I be billed for extra tonnage?

A. There is a weight tonnage allowance for each specific dumpster size. Tonnage over the limit will incur an additional fee of $40 per ton. Please discuss the tonnage allowance and extra fees with a Ranger Waste Management representative.